10 Most Common Causes of Scalp Infections

3. Viruses

Viruses like varicella or shingles will unfold to and cause infections on the scalp. whereas several people currently receive varicella vaccinations at a young age, the virus remains fairly common. The characteristic red, unsmooth rash of varicella will re-emerge later in associate adult’s lives as shingles. Like varicella, the shingles virus will unfold to the scalp however tends to cause soreness and pain to boot to itch. Shingles square measure contagious to those who are not proof against varicella.

4. ingrowing Hairs

Another common rationalization for scalp infections is hair. As an area of the body generally coated with a lot of hair than the rest, the scalp is particularly at risk of the inflammation and pain caused by ingrown hairs. once the hair is removed, and so the remaining half underneath the skin gets at bay and fails to grow in the correct direction, a hair develops. Symptoms embody pain, itching, and little arduous bumps. Shaving and different kinds of hair removal sometimes cause ingrown hairs, which regularly resolve on their own.

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