3. Husky

Much like many of the dogs we have on this list, the Husky is quick, fast, and full of energy. Huskies are mainly used as sled dogs too because they can be able to run through the snow and all. The breed does have a history of being somewhat of a blue-collar dog, they aren’t known to be sociable with other dogs, or animals in general.
Still, that doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous, because they are. Unlike several of the dogs on this list, Huskies have claimed quite some human lives. Such incidents happened as recently as 1998 when the dogs were accountable for fatally attacking 15 people.

4. Pit Bull

No, we’re not talking about the singer, but rather the most dangerous dog breed there is. They rate higher in terms of human body count and attacks than the Husky due to their aggressive nature and tendencies of dangerous outbursts. This breed is banned in several countries because of its temperament!
If you manage to own one, train it and train it well to be obedient and a little less aggressive. However, one thing is for sure, a well behaved Pit Bull would be your loyal companion for life. So take some time out to visit your local pet adoption center, and grab one of these cuties today!

5. Malamute

While Malamutes look fluffy and cuddly on the outside, they are incredibly dangerous too, much like many adorable creatures are. Malamutes are helpful sled dogs and the breed is also the official dog of Alaska. Their intimidating stature is enough to scare away the faint of heart, as well as smaller animals, but you can bet that the dog can hunt you down to no end.
Malamutes are also known for having a high prey drive, and this means that they don’t go after smaller animals on the daily, which proves bad for us humans. The last recorded attacks from Malamutes were from 1966 to 1980, and within those years, there were 5 recorded fatal attacks. Lucky for you if you manage to own and properly train one, but we really can’t be sure, can we?

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