10 Unique Dog Breeds From Around the World

2. Azawakh

This breed is native to Africa and originally served as hunting and herding dogs for the Tuareg, a nomadic people that live principally within the Sahara. Let’s get one thing out of the way: while the Azawakh vaguely resembles a greyhound, they’re not one within the same, understood? they’re speedy and have long legs, but their bones are flatter than their greyhound counterparts.

3. Swedish Vallhund

Looking for a dog befitting a mighty Viking like yourself? Well, here you go! The Swedes are breeding Vallhunds for quite a millennium and that they serve all kinds of purposes. They’re ideal for herding cattle. they will catch rats in your basement. they will protect you from fearsome burglars. They’re also agile, obedient and athletic, so whenever you toss a ball across the space and immediately regret it, no problem! Your Vallhund will gladly fetch it for you!

4. Catalburun

Also referred to as a Turkish Pointer, the Catalburun is understood for its distinct split nose, possibly caused by inbreeding thanks to the rarity of the breed. If so, that’s quite sad! Although it had been originally believed that their unusual noses gave them super smelling abilities (which is why they became popular as hunting dogs), modern science would appear to dispel this notion.

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