+6 Possible Reasons Why Your Pet Could Be Pressing Its Head Against the Wall

1. system disorder

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Some of the most obvious symptoms that reveal your pet has neurological problems are paralysis, tremors, or seizures. These types of problems come from the central or peripheral nervous system and the most affected areas are the brain, spinal cord, and nerves due to poisoning, nutritional deficiencies, or inherited disorders. You may notice that your pet has an infection in its nervous system if they have trouble seeing, urinating, or blinking — or, of course, if they rest their head on some surface.

2. Brain disorders

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This means that your pet may be having inflammation in the brain. Young and middle-aged dogs tend to be diagnosed with this disease more than older dogs do. The condition is less common in cats. Some of the symptoms consist of seizures, disorientation, unusual behavior, low energy, loss of balance, and sometimes fever.

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