Best Data Recovery Software for Windows

Best Data Recovery Software for Windows

Our Picks

MOST AFFORDABLE   Recuva Professional    $19.95
EASIEST TO USE   Stellar Data Recovery Pro for Windows   $99.99
MOST POWERFUL   R-Studio for Windows   $79.99

Do you remember the feeling of dread you had when you deleted the wrong file or formatted the wrong drive? I’ve had that feeling. What have I done? What will I tell the boss?

This roundup is here to give you hope. The genre of Windows data recovery software promises to rescue you and get your data back. In this review, we explore which apps are the best and will do this most effectively in 2019.

We found three programs that will do a great job, and bring different strengths to the table. Recuva will do the basics very reliably at a budget price. Stellar Data Recovery is the easiest-to-use app that we reviewed, yet scores very highly in tests performed by industry experts. And for best results, there’s the app designed for the data recovery experts themselves: R-Tools Technology’s R-Studio.

They’re not your only options, and we’ll let you know which competitors are viable alternatives, and which may let you down. Finally, we round out the full range of free data recovery programs for Windows.

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Why Trust Us?

My name is Adrian Try and I’ve worked in IT for decades and offered support for Windows users for many years. I taught classes, managed training rooms, supported office staff and home users, and was the IT manager of a community organization.

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You’d expect that I’d be using data recovery software on a regular basis to save the day. You’d be wrong—just four or five times when crucial data was lost in a disaster caused by computer failure or human error. I was successful about half the time.

So where do you turn to get opinions from someone intimately familiar with the whole range of Windows data recovery software? Data recovery specialists. To get a more accurate idea of the effectiveness of each app, I closely studied test results from industry experts who ran the best Windows data recovery software through its paces and tested each app myself.

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