Best Font Manager for Mac

Best Font Manager for Mac

Our Picks

BEST OVERALL   Typeface 2    macOS, $19.99, 15-day free trial
BEST FREE APP   Font Base   macOS/Windows/Linux, FREE
BEST FOR CASUAL USERS   WordMark.it   Web-based, FREE

Choosing the right font is essential for creating compelling content. But how do you find the preferred font if you have thousands of them? Don’t worry — there is an effective solution! Whether you’re a designer, web developer, or just an enthusiast, font management software can help you organize the fonts you work with. Let’s have a quick look at the top choices in our list of the best font managers for Mac.

Typeface 2 is our top choice. This is hardly surprising as this app is suitable for everyone. It packs a lot of features and keeps all fonts organized across various categories and folders. The app also provides a unique font-by-font comparison feature that allows you to superimpose one font over the other. When it comes to UI, Typeface also stands out over competitors with its minimalistic design and a seamless flow between the menus.

FontBase is the only free cross-platform font manager in this list that has all the necessary features to easily compete with paid premium alternatives. Its intuitive interface has been designed in such a way to help users quickly choose the right font for the right time. Apart from a standard feature set, FontBase provides a seamless font organization. It lets users drag and drop the fonts with a click and preview multiple examples at once. On the flip side, some advanced features are restricted to FontBase Pro. Still, it’s good value.

WordMark.it is a browser-based tool that offers free access to your font collection. To see how your text looks with your fonts, type a word or phrase into the big text area on the website and press Enter on your keyboard. WordMark.it searches users’ hard drive for all the fonts and allows scrolling through the results to pick the best options. It’s as simple as that! This tool is a perfect choice for design newcomers or casual users.

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