How Do You Delete Backup Files in Windows 10?

How Do You Delete Backup Files in Windows 10?

Is your PC’s hard drive almost full? Google “My hard drive keeps filling up for no reason with Windows 10,” and you’ll find a lot of frustrated users. What’s the cause of the problem? While there are several, one of the biggest is that Windows fills itself up by creating a preponderance of backup files.

Backups are helpful, but not when you run out of space. A full drive leads to frustration: your computer will run slow or stop altogether, you won’t have anywhere to store new files, and no further backups will be possible.

What should you do? Delete the backups? Keep them? Do something else? Read on to find out.

Clean Up Those Windows 10 Backup Files

First, let’s take a moment to understand what’s going on. What backups exactly has Windows been making that fill up your hard disk?

  • Copies of every version of every file
  • Copies of your system every time you do an update or install a driver
  • If you’ve updated to a new version of Windows, you may still have a backup of the old version.
  • If you’ve had the computer for a while, there may even be old backups dating back to Windows 7!
  • All of the temporary files left by applications and Windows itself

All those backups use a lot of space. Here’s how to get your hard drive under control.

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