How to Fix Windows 10 100% Disk Usage Problem

How to Fix Windows 10 100% Disk Usage Problem

Imagine that you’re trying to surf the web, listen to some music on Spotify, or work on an Excel spreadsheet. Even though you only have a few programs running, even none at all, your Windows PC is still extremely slow. If this is you, there’s a chance you may be dealing with malware or space issues.

Alternatively, you may be dealing with a disk usage problem (It seems the latest version of Windows 10 has a problem with its drives being overworked).

Follow the steps below to find out if this is the case for you, and if so how to solve the issue so you can get back to binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix.

How Do You Know Disk is at 100% Usage?

To find out if your issue indeed lies with an overworked disk, you’ll have to use Task Manager.

Step 1: Open Task Manager. You can do this by typing “Task Manager” in the Windows search tab and opening it, or by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE and selecting “Task Manager”.

Step 2: Look at the column under Disk. Click Disk to sort the list of running programs from their impact on the disk. If your disk is running at or near 100%, this column will be highlighted in red. You can see the exact total percentage at the top of the column.

If you are running at 100% disk usage, below are some safe methods to fix the issue. If disk usage appears normal, you might want to consider checking for malware or background programs that are overworking your computer.

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