How to Insert a PDF into Word

How to Insert a PDF into Word

If you use Microsoft Word for work, the ability to insert a PDF file into a document can be critical. As a tech writer and software engineer, I find myself using this feature often.

When I have a report created in PDF format from another application, and I need to insert it into a Word document, using this feature can be a real time saver. I don’t want to have to re-type all that info in Word. Thankfully I don’t have to, and neither will you. With a few simple steps, you can easily insert the PDF into your document. Learn how below.

Quick Notes

There are multiple methods you can use to insert a PDF into a Word document.

One quick and simple way is to open the PDF document, select all of the text, copy it, and then paste it into Word. This method works for some text, but if the PDF has any formatting, you will most likely lose it; it won’t look correct after you paste it into Word. In addition, you can lose data. For these reasons, we don’t recommend this solution.

The other methods are to insert the PDF file or to drag and drop it into your Word doc. I prefer inserting it as an object; I feel like I have more control over where it’s going and how it’s added. We cover both methods below.

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