How to Stop Windows 10 Updates (5 Methods)

How to Stop Windows 10 Updates (5 Methods)

Updates are a key feature of using Windows 10 and Microsoft routinely releases new ones to keep your experience optimal.

There are pros and cons allowing Windows to automatically update. We’ll go over some of these before outlining a few methods that will give you more control over what gets installed and when.

Should I Stop or Allow Updates?

Windows’ frequent release of new updates has several benefits.

  • It is meant to give you the best experience on your PC by keeping you current with the newest software and additions to Windows 10.
  • It provides you with up-to-date security patches. Having an older version of Windows 10 running may leave your PC vulnerable to security exploits.
  • By automatically updating itself, Windows 10 allows you to focus on what you want to use your PC for instead of constantly checking for updates to install.

However, there are a few downsides to Windows 10 automatic updates.

  • The most visible and the first issue one encounters is the often awkward timing of these updates. No one likes being interrupted. If you’re on an important Skype call or working on a project when this happens, you’ll be understandably upset.
  • Some updates cause issues with performance. Glitching, poorer performance and unresolved security issues have been reported by users after some of the updates. To add to that, you may be using software that requires a specific version of Windows, and updates can prevent them from working properly.

5 Ways to Stop Windows 10 Updates

Keep in mind that the methods below will block driver and software updates but not security updates. Windows will continue to push security updates to prevent exploits.

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1. Disable the Windows Update Application

You can disable Windows automatic updates with a few keystrokes using Windows search.

Step 1: Hit the Windows + R keys so that the search bar pops up. Type in services.msc and hit enter.


Step 2: Once Services pops up, scroll down to find Windows UpdatesRight-click and select Stop.


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