Mom Creates Hilarious Illustrations That Show What Pregnancy And Parenting Are Really Like

True: Pregnancy and parenting are beautiful! Also true: Pregnancy and parenting are a hot mess. Line Severinsen, artist and mother, decided to tackle these two truths head-on and has been illustrating her journey through pregnancy and parenting ever since.
Her illustrations are laugh-out-loud funny, especially if you’re currently parenting kids or ever have. For every post you see on Instagram that shows a mom serenely nursing her infant or that features a 9-month-old holding her own bottle like a champ, there are probably approximately 4 million posts that show the reality of parenting: It’s not picture-perfect.
That’s what makes Line’s illustrations particularly perfect: She’s representing all the parts of parenthood that we don’t always talk about.

Like when your breast milk leaks out of your shirt in public, or when you’re traveling solo with your kids and have no idea how your luggage will get from point A to point B, or when you finally (finally!) carve out some alone time for work or a just-because project and promptly pass out at the table. All real! All hilarious.

1. Babies are scary when you think about it.

I think every person I’ve ever known was, at one point or another, totally freaked out by their own pregnancy. I mean, I was freaked out by my pregnancy several times throughout the experience, but there was always one circumstance that really freaked me out: When my kid would perform what felt like Olympics-level gymnastics in my womb. It gets especially freaky when you can make out tiny hands and feet attempting to extend outside of your body.
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