Mom Creates Hilarious Illustrations That Show What Pregnancy And Parenting Are Really Like

2. Tick … tick … tick …

Along those same lines, pregnancy definitely can feel like a veritable time bomb, due to go off any second — right inside your body. I mean, hello! That’s super weird when you think about it. You can be really happy about being pregnant but also really nervous about what will happen. How will your birth go? Will your baby be OK? Will you be OK? Is life going to change? (Yes.)

3. Pregnancy has its perks!

Listen: There is nothing quite like a pregnant belly for balancing any number of things. Snacks and small meals are often at the top of many people’s lists, and for good reason. It’s so convenient to be able to watch your show and have your snack right there, where you don’t have to try to awkwardly lean over and pick it up. Thanks, babies.

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