The Best Whiteboard Animation Software

If you’re not the average user, you can take things up a notch with Adobe Animate. This program has a much, much steeper learning curve but it also offers more flexibility and is useful for more than just creating whiteboard animations. Using Animate means you’ll need to provide all your own media and manipulate all of the animation effects by hand. The sheer amount of tools you have to do make it worth the while if you’re creating whiteboard videos to sell, are an animation student or want to pick up long-term skills in a program that can be used for a variety of purposes.

This review also covers quite a few additional programs, so if VideoScribe or Animate doesn’t seem like the right program for you, there are plenty of other options listed here to consider.

Why Trust Us

My name is Nicole Pav, and I’m a tech enthusiast who’s spent a fair amount of time trying out all different kinds of software both for my own experimentation and for SoftwareHow. I use a mix of Apple, Android, and Windows products, so I’ve seen both sides of the fence and decided it’s unnecessary to try and pick one when both offer so many different benefits. Overall, I’m here to show you an unbiased perspective on the programs I’ve tried and give you the facts about competing products.

Like you, I’ve seen my fair share of explainer/whiteboard videos, whether while in a classroom, viewing an ad, or other setting and marveled at how effective and clear they seem. The popularity of whiteboard videos in many different (and often unexpected) fields has made me extremely curious about how they can be made and whether or not they’re accessible to the average user.

Well, it turns out they are! I’ve personally tested quite a few of the products listed in this review, having used them to create sample products or other projects that allow me to understand exactly how they work. In cases where I have not used the application myself, all information has been retrieved from other reputable review sources and compiled for your benefit. Hopefully, this unbiased information will help you decide which whiteboard video software is right for your needs.

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