The Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Whiteboard Video: Truth or Myth?

How much do you really know about whiteboard videos? Below are a few facts and myths that should clear up any misconceptions.

TRUTH: Whiteboard/Explainer videos are great for business.

It may seem unorthodox to explain your professional business with an animated short, but these brief videos are key when a person’s average attention span is just 8 seconds (source: New York Times). Conversion rates often see dramatic increases when whiteboard videos are used.

TRUTH: Whiteboard videos are effective for education.

Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text information (source: 3M Study), and that doesn’t even account for the fact that about half of students can be identified as “visual learners”, meaning they comprehend material better when it is presented is a viewable format. Whiteboard videos can help bridge the gap between new content and student understanding by making information easier to comprehend.

MYTH: You have to hire a professional animator to make good videos.

In reality, a few hours of practice and some good quality vector graphics (widely available from online databases) can put you well on your way to a high-quality video. This means the format is very attainable whether you’re an educator with limited time or a business administrator with a budget that doesn’t include hiring creative professionals.

MYTH: It’s going to be expensive to create a whiteboard animation.

Far from the truth! Although the program you use may cost a bit to begin with (and actually, many of the programs listed here are free or less than $50), it will quickly be worth the price tag. If you’re worried about obtaining graphics to use inside the video, there are also plenty of databases such as FreePik where you can get free SVG vector files to use in your videos. Additionally, since almost all of these programs are designed to be used by someone completely new to animation, it won’t cost you much in time and you’ll save on not hiring a creative professional.

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